almost all my good friends went back to TW.
what can i do?
i know everyone has his own plan.
everyone has his own way.
i can't ask them to stay just because i want them to.
but tell the truth, i want you guys to be with me.
hey, guys, i miss you all!
i want to cry, but i know i need to be tough!
is there someone can borrow me his shoulder, i just want to take a rest.
i am tired.
i am not strong a all, though you think i am.
still one more year here in BJ.
i will try my best to keep on staying in BJ.
i want to back to TW.
i miss you guys!!
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  • misuki
  • hey stupid

    hey stupid, i can't type in chinese right now, because i am in the school, they only have stupid swedish character!!
    well be tough, stupid , we always bully you and you still survived , so now i can't laugh at you, and call you stupid
    you should be very well and have a lot of confidence about your taste in fashion,
    we both in a fucking cold place, but we have a warm heart, so hang on and improve your taste about fashion
    we will get together again next year!! all of us !!

    (and the friend you mention in the article are the friend in BJ not me that make me hurt !!)