don't know why, once came to the year 2007, everything goes not so well, this make me upset. in the begining, i wanted to have a new start with the coming of 2007, but things didn't match my mind. neither in studying, nor in familiy affair, every thing is in a mass, how can i change the situation? it seems that i am a little tired of studying, i can't find my power to keep studying, though i know it's the only way i can keep up with. i don't know why i am so confused. life is not so easy as i think. i am glad to be a student, i can enjoy a lot during my studying. but beside studying, i want to have more, like friendship, affection, something that can make my enthusiasm back again. maybe that's because i long for too much, i want some changes in my life, more energetic. that's my hope for this year.

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